Taxi Utrecht Schiphol

It’s also easy to order taxis to pick you up from Schiphol Airport to your home or office. You can make te reservation ahead of time by phone or through our website. It’s also possible to really make the reserveration by phone before you take the plane to Schiphol Airport. Our staff wil check your flight.  The driver is going to be awaiting you with the ActiTaxi taxi rank right after landing. 

Customer Service:
ACTIETAXI adjusted one step further to own consumer more clarity before you actually choose to order taxis.
The correct answer is normal which you only buy something if you know what it really costs.
That is why ACTIETAXI created a system the location where the price appears inside the screen if you type in the departure location and destination.
The consumer sees the price ahead of time before opting to order the taxi you aren’t.

Our Cars:
We operate in the full region of Utrecht at very competitive prices to Schiphol Airport.
Our cars are young and representative. With this cars you may be transported easily, comfortably and quickly .
And naturally at very competitive prices.
All our drivers speak good Dutch and likewise at least English, German or French.
Furthermore, every one has plenty of driving experience and a good geographical knowledge.

The drivers always opent the door to suit your needs and your guests at year ’round because discretion is extremely valued at ACTIETAXI Taxi. Which will save you the difficulty of dragging luggage and high parking fees. Besides, your travel time is minimized, as your transition is going to be direct rather than accompanied by other passengers.

View our reduced rates for the Region Utrecht and Schiphol Airport service.


Exactly where is your taxi with the airport?

ACTIETAXI has made a roadmap for you to pick you up from Schiphol Airport.

Once you book taxis at ACTIETAXI you give us the flight number. Our staff will check your flight.
Can be your flight early, late or promptly, there is always directly taxis awaiting you after landing.

After landing we’ll contact you. After you have your luggage you can walk straight away to the ACTIETAXI Taxi rank at Schiphol Airport.

In three steps in the plane to your home or office.
Under this picture we now have expanded the 3 steps to suit your needs. So you know what we expect individuals and what is available from ACTIETAXI Taxi Utrecht.

With all the following explanation and also this image you easily head to taxis.


The steps in the plane to your home or office.

Step 1
We will look at the flight number you’ve got specified.
You need to show if your flight number is modified, otherwise we not able to verify your flight.
You can impart us with the brand new flight number, date and time, through 0031302040600 or by e-mail to

Step 2
Approximately quarter-hour after landing at Schiphol Airport we’ll turn to the mobile number you provided.
Even as have spoken you, we provide a notification to the driver which you have arrived.
You should therefore immediately turn on your mobilephone after landing.
If the mobile is broken or rule isn’t followed or there are additional difficulty with your cellular phone, you must see the Meeting Point on Schiphol Airport.
The driver should go there 60 minutes after landing to the Meeting Point to see if he is able to discover there.
That’s the truth the real key leaves for the new ride.

In the event you contact us after 60 minutes, we’ll send another taxi for your requirements.
This will depend around the traffic as well as the option of the drivers exactly what the waitingtime is going to be.
So it is vital which you turn on your mobilephone right after landing.
We will contact you approximately quarter-hour after landing up to 60 minutes after landing.

When you have your luggage you’ll want to walk towards departure hall 2. The appearance halls is available if you take any escalator up.
So you’ll always end with the departure halls.
You can even examine the creation of departure hall 2 to look at. Once you take this exit, the trucker from the door (see picture).
Our taxis are recognized by our stickers to the side of the auto (see picture).
Around the stickers you see Schiphol Cab ( which means Schiphol Transport) and our contact number placed in the colors black and yellow.
We is available at 0031302040600.